Publisher: BOOM!
Diamond order codes: OCT083927 (Azaceta cover) & OCT083928 (Totino Tedesco cover)

Ex-counterterrorist David Sacker finds himself in the middle of a new terror attack in Los Angeles. But the deeper he digs, the stranger the event seems. Art/covers by Julian Totino Tedesco, covers by Paul Azaceta

Publisher: BOOM!
Diamond order codes: NOV083862 (Azaceta cover) & NOV083863 (Totino Tedesco cover)

The plot thickens!

Publisher: Viper
Diamond order code: OCT084412

A fantastic anthology of…well, parables. Contains the short story “Uncommon” by myself and Caroline Parkinson and lots of other great tales. Cover by Mike Maihack.

Local comic shops (LCS) are in many ways the lifeblood of our industry. So if you’d like a copy of any of the above for yourself, please try to support your LCS first and order it there. If you aren’t familiar with the somewhat arcane ins and outs of the North American comic book direct market, here’s your simple guide:

  1. Find the nearest comic shop to you using The Comic Shop Locator Service (1-888-COMIC-BOOK) or The Master List.
  2. Call or visit them and tell them you’d like to pre-order one or more of these titles. Give them the corresponding Diamond order code above. To further simplify this process, I’ll have an order coupon ready by next week which you just print, fill-out and drop off.
  3. And finally, if you live in an area without a nearby comic shop (as shocking as it is to realize such barbarism still exists, it does!), then you can pre-order online. Try somewhere like Things From Another World or Heavy Ink.

[UPDATE: I now provide an order coupon to simplify the whole process]

2 Responses to Three New Books Available for Pre-Order

  1. Peter says:

    woo-hoo, the covers look great.

  2. Caleb says:

    Don’t they, though?

    Which reminds me, I forgot to mention that the Parable cover is done by book editor and all-around talented creator Mike Maihack! I’ve fixed it above now, too.

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