Originally posted 10/30/07

I’m calling my new 12-month project My Leap Year. As in small step/giant leap. Having a couple months to taste the future before I started at Jim Hanley’s gave me a hunger for more of it. A lot more.

And the math of my life fits into three main categories: wife, work and writing. I’d love to make those last two synonymous to free up some time for other pursuits.

So My Leap Year is simple. At the end of it, I want to be writing full-time again. For good. 365 small steps=one giant leap.

You’ll get to watch it all here (assuming anyone actually wants to). I’ll post every day except Sundays, as much for my own benefit as anyone else’s as I try to understand just what a year of progress looks like, to better contain the concept in my brain and rotate it until I find the best angle.

I’ll be taking tomorrow off, then will see you Thursday for day one.

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  3. […] weeks (with a posting schedule of Monday-Friday), which will take me right up to the final day of My Leap Year Project. This new approach will also ensure that I can spend my time during these final weeks working […]

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