An interesting pop philosophy kind of exploration.

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Title: “Mimetic Kinetic” (in Hack/Slash #23)
Format: Back-up story
Publisher: Devil’s Due Publishing
Type: Creator-owned (with Budi Setiawan)
Release Date: 06/10/09
Art: Budi Setiawan
Colors: Ronda Pattison
Letters: Patrick Foster
Covers: Tim Seeley (A), Chris Dien (B)
Diamond order codes: FEB094180/FEB094181
Synopsis: How do you kill an idea?

In United Free Worlds #05
Publisher: Devil’s Due Publishing/Fantasy Prone Productions
Release Date: 11/18/09
Cover: Patrick Blaine
ISBN: 978-0-98252-250-9
Diamond order code: JUL090787

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