You can find my responses to The Beat’s Annual Yearend Survey, 2009 Edition here, along with those of a whole slew of other comics professionals.

The rest of these links are all THE REMNANT related. There are two new interviews up. The first is at CBR:

“Sacker’s wife Sarah definitely does have a secret, but it’s not what it first appears,” the writer said. “The Stranger we see in Louisiana will show up in a lot of other places, places where people are suffering. And besides the Sackers, the government and the Stranger, well… there’s a fourth group with an interest in the bombing, though they’ve covered their tracks well.”

And the second’s on Jazma Online:

Allen: How did you get involved in the comic book industry? Did you have any formal training?

Caleb: When I left college two things were happening. 1) I was trying to figure out what, exactly, to do with my life, and 2) I was having a comic-reading renaissance. I hadn’t been buying many comics while at school because I couldn’t afford them. But now that I had income again I got back into the habit. Except this time I went through the transition I think most readers go through at some point where the characters started taking a back seat in my mind to the story, and therefore to the people who were writing the stories. It started with Warren Ellis’s “Change or Die” storyline in Stormwatch and Grant Morrison’s JLA. Books like Morrison’s The Invisibles and Garth Ennis’s Preacher weren’t far behind. I became aware of the writers behind the books who were creating these amazing pieces of pop culture, and realized I could be one of them if I wanted.

My recent trip home garnered some local newspaper coverage:

“I always loved drawing and telling stories,” said Monroe, now 29 and living in Los Angeles. “And the amazing thing about comic books is that it’s both. It’s all of these amazing visual dynamic and colorful images, and at the same time there are usually these gripping, fast-paced stories. And to an 11-year-old, that’s pretty exciting.”

-The Greenville News


This book has got me. It’s a well rounded package. On every level it’s just a pleasant surprise.

-Sight Magazine

4.5 out of 5 Stars

-Major Spoilers

“The pace is quick and dives right into the plot…Caleb Monroe’s dialogue is naturalistic…solid entertainment”

-Comic Book Resources

And if all that doesn’t convince you, you can still read a free 7-page preview of the first issue.

(PS – If you’ve reviewed the book (good or bad) and I haven’t linked to you yet, feel free to send me a link to your review)

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