My bedroom and office doors are about six inches apart at a ninety degree angle. My kitchen is all the way downstairs. I am not a morning person.

What this has meant, traditionally, is that I don’t eat breakfast. I get up, stumble a full three feet to the bathroom, then into the office, where I spend about an hour warming up with e-mails, RSS feeds, etc. before moving on to writing/writing-related business. The idea of venturing all the way downstairs to get something to eat first…well, that just seems insurmountably impossible.

Which means by the time I’m enter the height of my workflow, I’m starting to get quite hungry, which leaves me with the no-win choice of interrupting said flow to go eat or soldiering through the hunger until it reaches that too-painful-to-be-ignored-for-a-second-more stage.

This is not an ideal way to do things. Breakfast is important. Running a working, creating brain on actual nutrients rather than fumes is important. Not interrupting creative workflow is important. Not just eating, but eating the right things, is important.

Can you relate to any of this?

I needed a solution, and I found it in You Bar.

They let you make meal bars from ingredients completely of your choosing, which you order by the box. Then they’ll ship them to you or (if you live near their location like I do) you can pick them up. Breakfast conundrum solved.

Now, each night before I go to bed I place a bar, a multivitamin and a glass of water next to my desk. When I stumble in in the morning, it’s right there waiting for me and I can eat first thing while reading e-mails and feeds.

My particular bar of choice is one of my own creation called “Morning Mental 2″, designed to be a good slow-burn brain food made from almond butter, dates, honey, soy protein, walnuts, prunes, flaxseeds, maca powder and spirulina. If you want to try it, just enter the code “PKEHQ” in the upper right-hand corner of the Build-a-Bar page. Full nutrition details for the “Morning Mental 2″ here. Or have some fun and create your own bar, tailored to your won needs and tastes.

Bon appétit!

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  1. RPM says:

    How cool is that?!

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