You might remember it, you might not, but here’s my prediction for the biggest comics story in 2009, which I gave as part of the The Beat’s 2008 Year End Survey:

What will be the biggest story in comics in 2009?

I predict in the coming year we’re going to see the first struggling midlist books with devoted followings (the likes of Amazing Spider-Girl, Manhunter, Blue Beetle) that get moved to a digital-to-trade model rather than cancelled altogether. Especially because the impending price-hike will probably hit the midlist the hardest, and may be confined to the monthly mags, meaning trades will be an even better relative bang-for-buck value. For that matter, so will Marvel’s digital subscriptions…

And guess what just happened?

At first, she was just SPIDER-GIRL. Then she became the AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL. Now, Mayday Parker, the future daughter of Spider-Man goes digital in the all-new THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-GIRL #1! Marvel is pleased to announce that Spider-Girl will return in an all new series, exclusive to the groundbreaking Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited (, beginning April 15th!

I see all. Allllllll.

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One Response to It Has Begun

  1. Aaron says:

    You sly devil you… now rub you crystal ball and tell me what Jason Aaron’s next book after Weapon X is and while you’re at it, how ’bout giving all of us Marvel fanboys the exact date Jeph Loab leaves Marvel or comics altogether, and I’ll start printing up the party invitations…

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