[Monroe has] proved the maxim that a good superhero comic has more ideas on one page than entire screenplays do in 120 of them. He’s created one of the most memorable new Batman villains in years.

-Mark Sable (writer, Two-Face: Year One, Graveyard of Empires)

Title: “Fearless” (in Batman 80-Page Giant 2011 #1)
Format: Anthology
Publisher: DC Comics
Type: Work for hire
Release Date: 08/10/11
Pencils: Geoff Shaw
Inks: Jack Purcell
Colors: Chris Beckett
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Cover: Dustin Nguyen
Edits: Bobbie Chase; Katie Kubert (assistant)
Diamond order code: JUN110223
Synopsis: Nick Pierce has wanted to be a super-villain since he was 5 years old. Every villain has to start somewhere, and every villain in Gotham has a first encounter with Batman. This is the story of Nick’s…

Perhaps the best, or at least one of the best, in the volume. It reads bigger than it is…Monroe and company managed to craft a convincing Bat-villain out of (almost) whole cloth in less than ten pages. That’s pretty damn impressive.

-J. Caleb Mozzocco

I enjoyed the humor of this one, and felt it did a better job at explaining why Batman is such a badass.


[Geoff Shaw’s] art is one of the standout performances in this issue…Can’t wait to see more.


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